Goldfish 360°


We assist founders in realising their ambition​.


We assist founders with selling their company.


We assist founders with investing into new founder teams.

& Exit

Financial bootcamp

Financial modelling, business planning, working capital assessment, unit economics, financial strategy.

Pitch deck & IM

Craft story lines and create compelling decks. We know what investors look for.


International network of VCs, (alternative) Financiers and Strategic Buyers.

DD support

Support with and management of the due diligence process when you sell your company.

Legal support

We know which terms and conditions are market standard and safeguard the position of both founders and investors when selling their company.



Early stage (co) investments

(Pre) seed – Series A.

Early stage secondary

Provide some early stage liquidity for founders.

Added Value

Pro-active and experienced support, to either get from Seed to Series A and beyond, or realise a successful exit.


Giving back to the startup eco-system.

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